Monday, 19 May 2014

Unit reflection


Civilization is the unit where we got a chance touch all the civilization across the world. First we started the unit by an activity for understanding our knowledge of civilization. Through the unit we have done many activity but my best activity were wiki spaces in that activity we need to find about one particular civilization. As we went forward the acidity was being harder because when we finish mam said we had a quiz based on what have we done in the activity. We have written many things in the wiki. But at last we need to find time and learn from wiki spaces. In the wiki spaces there are many pages for different civilization. After preparing so much about the civilization the day came when we have a quiz. In the quiz we all the children done very well. I think all of them had a good understanding about the civilization. My second favorite activity was the field trip in the field trip we have gone to Slarjung museum in the museum we seen many things which come across civilization as we went the museum was being longer and wider also. At last when we finish we were too tiered. So much tired that we slept at the bus. This two activity I enjoyed a lot. During the unit we come across what are the invention and many structure that were discovered: made in that time. We have also made a time line based on the civilization. I enjoyed very much doing all the civilization activities.

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