Sunday, 9 March 2014


ENERGY unit starts when, we need to do an activity based on our central idea. We first done a sorting out activity on sources of energy. In that activity we sorted out different energy resources. And then we were divided into groups to do research on wind, solar, nuclear and petroleum energy. We need to make prezi of it. In middle days when we are making prezi we done an activity in which we need to make choice rather it is true or false. In that activity we enjoyed so much. After some days we completed our prezi and present it everyone's prezi was good and i can saw they understood very much about their source of energy.We also went to the field trip to CII godrej building. We learnt so much about green building and the structure it was made. And then we started the forms of energy for ex. heat, light, sound chemical and electrical. For that we went SA lab and done experiment on it. SA lab teacher show us experiment on chemical, magnetism and about electricity also. We learnt so much after seeing it. After doing all this we research on it and understood better. But the fun part was the SCIENCE FAIR. At the morning we went to AB building and celebrate science day we dress up in different scientist and present it in front of the whole school. In the science fair i have made a hydroelectricity model that produce electricity from water. It worked like this when i pour water on the turbine it rotates and it has a rope that was connected to a machine which convert rotation into electricity. Means mechanical energy into electric energy. Every parents who saw my enjoyed it so much. It was so fun to make a model and present it. At last the summative assessment was to energize a town that was given to us. It was very fun because we done it in last 30 min and we write and write and write. Now the unit is it in end so I want to tell this was my best unit in grade 5.      


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